Somerset County Officers

All Officers are elected bi-annually at the Somerset County Democratic Committee meeting. All terms are for two years. All officers reside in Somerset County and are part of their municipal committee. Feel free to reach out individually to each officer if you have any questions or concerns or if you have other business with Somerset County.

County Chair

Allison Perkins


County Co-Chair

Joel Bouchard


County Treasurer

Mike Hein

County Secretary

Daniel Savage



Municipal Committees are the heart of the Somerset County Maine Democratic Party. Grassroot operations from fellow Democrats make up these municipal committees. These committees assist in electing democrats in their local elections and also reach out to their neighbors during election cycles.  Democrats in these municipal committees know their communities and they are not outsiders. As a member of the community you know what issues matter the most to you and are able to reach out to those in your community with similar values. 

Without Municipal Committees there would not be a County Committee and/or a State Committee. Municipal Committees are the backbone of our party. We need volunteers and fellow Democrats who reside in communities throughout Somerset County to participate in their committees. By joining your local committee you have a voice in local, state and national politics. 

We need more Mainers from Somerset County to become active members of their local committees. Here is the list of municipal officers in Somerset County. Please feel free to reach out to anyone on this list. If you need help contacting your local committee or you do not have a committee in your town please reach out to the Somerset County Maine Democratic Committee and we would be more than helpful to help you build your own municipal Committee. Municipal Committee Officers are elected every two years at their municipal caucus. Each term lasts for 2 years. 




Chair: Cynthia Soma-Hernandez

Vice Chair: Dan Savage

Secretary: Pamela Partridge




Chair/Secretary: John Thiele




Chair: Harold Dowse

Vice Chair: Patricia Dowse

Secretary/Treasurer: Georgia Prickitt




Chair: Craig Heavy

Vice Chair: Gary Bailey

Secretary: Richard Tory

Treasurer: Emilie Van Eeghen




Chair/Secretary: Allison Perkins

Vice Chair: Diana Jeannotte




Chair: Rodney Hatch

Vice Chair: Anne Roosevelt

Secretary: Cyndia Rafferty

Treasurer: Laura Phoenix




Chair/Secretary/Treasurer: Robert Sezak

Vice Chair: Joel Bouchard




Chair: Harry Akkermann

Vice Chair: Chester Decoff

Secretary: Victoria Decoff




Chair/Secretary: Debra Kantor

Vice Chair: Mark Kantor




Chair: Barbara Gillis

Secretary: Eric Lahti




Chair: Lyndon Sadler

Vice Chair: Geoffrey Nosach

Secretary: Mary Hooper




Chair: Arthur Leblanc

Vice Chair: Elvin Hawes

Secretary: Lorraine Collins

Treasurer: Robert Morrill


New Portland


Chair: Julianna Rothschild




Chair: Ann Dorney

Vice Chair: Jesse Persons

Secretary: Constance Woodworth




Chair: Timothy McGuire

Secretary: Stephanie Corkran




Chair: Robert Hyer

Vice Chair Erica Hyer

Secretary: Rebecca Geagan

Treasurer: Ethan Brownell




Chair: Laura Harris

Vice-Chair: Wallace Warren

Secretary: Nellie Kennedy


St Albans


Chair: Jill Breen