Election 2022

Senate District 3

In Kennebec County, Benton; Clinton; and Unity Township;
In Penobscot County, Dixmont; Etna; Newport;
Plymouth; and Stetson;
In Somerset County, Canaan; Detroit; Madison;
Norridgewock; Palmyra; Pittsfield; and Skowhegan.
Shawn Bean

Senate District 5

In Franklin County, Carrabassett Valley;
Chesterville; East Central Franklin UT; Farmington; Industry; Kingfield; New
Sharon; New Vineyard; Strong; Wilton; and Wyman Township;
In Kennebec County, Rome; and Vienna;
In Somerset County, Anson; Athens; Bingham;
Brighton Plantation; Cambridge; Caratunk; Central Somerset UT; Cornville;
Dennistown Plantation; Embden; Harmony; Hartland; Highland Plantation;
Jackman; Mercer; Moose River; Moscow; New Portland; Northeast Somerset
UT; Northwest Somerset UT; Pleasant Ridge Plantation; Ripley; Saint Albans;
Seboomook Lake UT; Smithfield; Solon; Starks; The Forks Plantation; and West
Forks Plantation.
Stanley Wheeler

Senate District 16

Albion, Fairfield, Oakland, Waterville and Winslow
David LaFountain

House District 66

Oakland, Sidney (partial), Mercer, Smithfield, and Starks
Alicia Barnes

House District 67

Fairfield and Benton
Robert Sezak

House District 68

Burnham, Clinton, Pittsfield, and Troy
Stanley Short, Jr.

House District 69

Canaan, Detroit, Hartlannd, Palmyra, and St. Albans
Stephen Alfred Hale, III

House District 70

Iver Lofving

House District 71

Cornville, Madison, and Norridgewock
Allison Perkins

House District 73

Carrabassett Valley, Coplin, Dallas, East Central Franklin, Eustis, North Franklin, Kingfield, Phillips, Rangeley, Rangeley Plantation, Sandy River, West Central Franklin, and Wyman; Andover, Gilead, Lincoln, Magalloway, Newry, North Oxford, and Upton; Dennistown, Highland, Jackman, Moose River, Northwest Somerset, The Forks, and West Forks
Vincent House