Women’s Rights in Jeopardy

Women's Rights in Jeopardy

Sad Day for Woman's Rights

Today the Supreme Court upheld in a 5 to 4 majority to leave the Texas Abortion law in place that bans Abortion after 6 weeks.  This will allow anyone to sue/take to court anyone who assists someone in getting an abortion after 6 weeks. 

As a Democrat I believe in a woman’s right to choose.  I personally do not believe in Abortion unless there is extreme circumstances such as rape and/or the mother’s life is in danger; however as a person who respects others beliefs I would never push my view on anyone or judge anyone. 

In many cases woman do not even know that they are pregnant until after 6 weeks. Some women can continue to have their periods and so forth.  The country is moving backwards and more conservative in certain sections of the country. I am proud to live in a State such as Maine that protects the right to choose and protects our freedoms. 

This recent loss is just the beginning as they want to end roe vs wade and ban abortion.  Go back to the “dark” ages of back ally abortions and woman dying.  Abortions every year continue to decrease and decrease. With options such as birth control and adoption abortion continues to decrease.  

As Democrats we need to stand up for Woman’s rights and the rights of Americans and stop the takeover by the conservative right who wants to impose their beliefs on us.  Just as I have no right to impose my beliefs on others they have no right to impose their beliefs but they do. 

As Somerset County Dems we need to rise up and fight for what we believe in and stop this trend.  

Robert M Hyer – Chair: Somerset County Maine Democratic Party

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