Somerset County Elections 2021

2021 Somerset County Elections

2021 Somerset County Elections, Somerset County Maine Democratic Party

During the 2021 Somerset County Elections it was a challenge for the Democratic Party in Maine. Somerset County has been trending republican and more conservative for the last decade. When Donald Trump became president the un-enrolled and conservative nature of Somerset County increased exponentially.  Somerset County has no Democratic representation in the State Senate and/or House.

Although this may seem like a setback there is allot of opportunity. We need to reach out to the conservative un-enrolled individuals within Somerset County to dispel the myths and misinformation being spread by the Somerset County Republican Party.  Republicans in this county support and believe the rhetoric that was spread by Trump and the republican leadership in Washington. D.C.

As Somerset County Democrats we believe in owning guns, a balanced budget, laws that limit regulation; however we also believe in values such as but not limited to healthcare for all and cutting the loop holes in gun laws